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The Strategy String: An Organizational Primer for Tying Strategy to Performance

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Book cover image for The Strategy String: An Organizational Primer for Tying Strategy to PerformanceOur economy is changing quickly. As a leader who must remain nimble and responsive, you don't have the luxury of spending 12 to 18 months developing a complex strategy that no one knows how to use. And you surely don't want to get an MBA just to translate your vision into a results-driven plan of action. What you need is a Strategy String. Tracy Corley's book The Strategy String: An Organizational Primer for Tying Strategy to Performance makes it simple for organizations of any size to develop and execute a performance-driven strategy.The Strategy String translates the concepts created by thought leaders like Jim Collins, Michael Gerber, and Kaplan and Norton into easy-to-understand, ready to use modules that you can immediately put into action within your agency, business, community group, or NGO. This book takes the best of the best, simplifies it, and combines it with easy-to-implement activities that time-starved leaders can get. What makes The Strategy String different?
  • It's easy to understand. Ms. Corley has taught this course to hundreds of business leaders, and the concept is simple and easily digested.
  • It's easy to implement. Ms. Corley was able to take one organization from confusion to complete team alignment with the new strategy in just two weeks.
  • It directly connects to every-day performance.Unlike other strategy development concepts, organizations can quickly and easily see the connection between their Strategy String and how each person and unit is performing. It's a simple litmus test to gauge excellence, integrity, and results.
  • It makes it communicating the strategy quick and effective. No 1,000-page binders to weed through or sit on the shelf collecting dust. A few simple communication points, and everything from branding to financial procedures can be aligned with overall organizational strategy.
This information-rich guide contains analogies, illustrations, and exercises to propel leaders like you from concept to action in a few days.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Send us your Strategy String!

Does your organization have a Strategy String? Do you have a strategic framework that you use to guide your every day actions? If so, we want to hear about them! Send us your Strategy String and you could be featured in the second edition of The Strategy String: An Organizational Primer for Tying Strategy to Results.

Just send us a summary of your Strategy String with your name, company name, title, phone number, and email address. We will review your submittal for consideration in our next edition of The Strategy String. We might even interview you for a feature on our blog.

What is a Strategy String?
The Strategy String is the strategic framework that organizations use to guide their every day actions. It consists of a vision, mission, values, and a position statement. When equipped with these key elements, organizations can engage in strategic planning and integration to ensure that every day actions contribute to profitable, sustainable long-term performance.

Not sure if you have a Strategy String? 
Email Tracy Corley at strategystring at tracyacorley dot com. She will identify, define, and develop a strategic framework which will guide every day performance for your small business, nonprofit, corporation, or government entity.